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The mercenary group known as Ravenheart is recognized throughout Heiros. Comprised of three members, Barbas, Laurence and his sister Lauren, the group accepts any contract so long as their potential employer can afford their exorbitant fees. Having accepted a lucrative contract from a mysterious Mr. Black, and taking on a fourth man by the name of Martyn, the members of Ravenheart traveled to the southern edge of Heiros where they would await further instruction. After meeting up with Petra Emberfang, an agent sent on behalf of their benefactor, the group descended into an ancient Elysian ruin in an attempt to excavate a mysterious artifact. Upon retrieval of the artifact, the group was confronted by a man calling himself Vigilance who demanded that they turn over the object. After a brief exchange of blows and the death of Martyn, Vigilance was aided by a mysterious cloaked mage who brought an end to the confrontation. Opting not to kill the mercenaries Vigilance retrieved what he thought was the artifact from Barbas, not knowing that mere moments earlier he had removed the medallion shaped object from the case in which it was concealed. Awakening to find that they had succeeded in fooling their antagonists and that the artifact was still in there possession, the group proceeded to Longdale Hollow where there contact was waiting.

guard questioning

zealous goat, room under false name

midnight meet with gideon, gives tons of info

barbas+petra go to menge manor

meet with gustav menge

new contract with gideon to protect menge during research

gideon leaves town headed for crestport-> ashmorale to find out info on vigilance and his group