Expiration Date [ Rayleonard ] Edit

Your objective for this mission is the elimination of a retired runner, alias Dreamcatcher. Having been under contract with Rayleonard for the majority of his career, this runner has no doubt been audience too all sorts of embarrassing incidents that the company wouldnt want to be public and they are willing to pay to ensure all loose ends are tied up. The information provided to us places Dreamcatcher at a midscale apartment complex in five, likely attempting to stay under the radar. I guess that just goes to show there's no loyalty when it comes to these corps, watch your backs out there.

Bonus objective 1: No Civilian Casualties

[ Reward ] 600 EXP | +2 WLTH | +2 Rep [ Rayleonard ] Edit

[ Bonus 1 ] 200 EXP | +1 WLTH | +1 Rep [ Rayleonard ] Edit